EIU REVIEW 01/2021

Quality in higher education: An external perspective

This article discusses three major issues: (1) quality is the continuous effort of the entire staff of the university; (2) attention should be paid to some new topics based on international quality point of view; (3) suggestions for EIU to further improve quality.

Quality culture in higher education institutions

This article introduces some concepts about quality culture, including how quality culture starts, the role of quality culture in higher education institutions and models of quality culture in Vietnam and other countries in the world.

Internal quality assurance information system in higher education

The application of information technology to quality management and quality assurance has become more important and necessary. The standards have applied for assessment and accreditation of the university in many countries also include the principles on internal quality assurance information systems.

Internal quality assurance system

This article introduces some concepts of internal quality assurance, domestic and foreign quality assurance models as well as proposes some basic elements for setting up an internal quality assurance system in a university.