Current issue

Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 2020)

Special Issue: Quality Assurance

What is an internal quality assurance system (IQA) of an University? Its role and how to build and develop it?
This article discusses three major issues: (1) quality is the continuous effort of the entire staff of the university; (2) attention should be paid to some new topics based on international quality point of view; (3) suggestions for EIU to further improve quality.
This article introduces some concepts about quality culture, including how quality culture starts, the role of quality culture in higher education institutions and models of quality culture in Vietnam and other countries in the world.
Sustaining quality is a key objective of any organization, be it a business enterprise, university, or hospital. This article aims to provide an overview of quality assurance within the context of higher education.
Education Philosophy is considered as the foundation for the implementation of education and training quality objectives. It is also a guideline, direction for all activities of the university and a commitment to quality with students and society.
Building a quality culture in renovating and effectively using modern teaching methods play a important role in improving the quality of education in higher institutions.
Developing a quality culture means that all activities of the organization are oriented towards established quality values.
This article shares different perspectives on the role of the library, then discusses about concept of quality and quality assurance in the library in order to improve quality in teaching, learning and research in universities.